Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Enice Hundley Workshop and Upcoming Show

We had a great time at the workshop this Saturday at Coppini Academy! It was a one day workshop with an overload of information. We worked on portraits, still life and a photo. I decided to stick with the still life and try to get something finished. I'm still not completely finished with this one because I'm waiting to get the photograph of the apple basket taken at the workshop. (I forgot my camera, like a dummy!) But I am happy with the vibrant reds in this painting.
Hopefully I will have it framed and at the Student Art Show Sept. 5-7 at Coppini. I will be sending out invitations and hope you can come. Friday night is great because it's the reception with music, wine, and food! So please put in on your calendar! Hope to see you there!