Monday, March 7, 2011

Kauai Roosters and Chickens Everywhere!

This Christmas we went to Hawaii for a wedding and stayed a few days in Kauai. What a beautiful place and my camera couldn't stop flashing pictures of the chickens, roosters, and families with baby chicks! They were the most beautiful feathered animals I have seen!  They have beautiful red color and occationally speckled white spots.  I couldn't decide what to name the one above....Birds of a Feather, or Follow Me. Any ideas?  It is 8 by 24 framed in a beautiful sort of rustic frame with anti relective glass. The other one is 9 by 12 framed in a nice black frame with the same AR glass.  I think I will name it "Stepp'in Through"

   The story goes that the ancient Polynesicians and Europeans brought chickens to Hawaii and the Filipinos brought the brightly colored fighting cocks and the wild chickens.  It is said that a hurricane freed all of them from their cages and they now roam and mulitply all over the island.  I have to admit I have never seen so many wandering all over the island  and crowing all night chickens!  Beautiful and fun, except for when you are trying to sleep!

  Mark your calendar for the Boerne Parade of Art and Taste of Boerne, It will be April 8 through the 10.  I will be at the Rusty Bucket  on Main Street. Hope you can come by and have some wine and tastes with me!