Monday, April 21, 2008

Travis and Stephanie's House

Since I'm working on houses/landscapes for a change, I painted Travis and Stephanie's house. It has so much charm with the cedar post fence and tool shed Travis built, the bench in front, sun, and all the cute little female touches from Stephanie. It was fun to paint! I'm going for more of an impressionistic look but probably got a little too detailed. It was hard not to with all the little extras.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Zebra

Today I joined the Texas Pastel Society and painted down at the Japanese Gardens. It was a beautiful day! I chose to paint a bridge and water scene. Notice I don't have it up? was lots of fun and lunch was good anyway!
KLRN even filmed us for the upcoming KLRN Auction. I am going to use my Riley boxer picture as an example of a pet portrait that I will donate.
When I came home I still had the desire to paint so I decided to paint this zebra picture. The picture was taken at a wildlife farm and I have had the itch to paint it. It's 20 by 16, so it's one of my largest yet. I actually treated the board with an acrylic ground for pastels and it gave it a nice texture for the fur. I am happy with it.