Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Painting at La Villita

Yesterday I spent the day painting at Susan's Gallery. It was such a learning experience, again.

I had started a painting of the house on Sweetbrush, and finally grew tired of it and stopped. I think I'm finished . I am posting a picture of the house and of the painting. I'm after a more impressionistic look.

Then I started a portrait of my niece's cute son, Drew. I love the picture! The football is almost bigger than he is! With a lot of help from Susan, I got it done. But..it was a struggle. It's so neat to paint something that looks like the person, but it is such a challenge! I definitely have lots to learn! Again, I am posting the picture and the painting.

It was such a fun day. I can spend hours doing this! It seems like I do since I'm not getting anything else done!

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Susan Carlin said...

Hey, Cathy! It's good to see you feeling so positive abou the day. I thought I'd lost you there a couple of times. I appreciate your perseverance. Good job, and see you soon. Susan