Monday, February 16, 2009

Elephant Eye and Baby Paintings

I have been painting lately, but not putting things on my blog. Actually, this is an elephant painting I did for an upcoming show.

Things have been great lately with new babies! My niece Claire had a little boy she named Hunter. I painted a giraffe for his room with the birth statistics written in the clouds. I actually fixed the clouds better than in the picture, but forgot to take a picture of it afterwards.

Travis and Stephanie had a little boy named Harper. Their theme is froggie, so I painted some frogs with the birth statistics on lily pads. I forgot to take a picture of that one too. So I am posting a picture of my perfect little grandson.

Then my friend Becky had a new grandbaby with a monkey theme, so I painted a cute little monkey and will put the statistics on the mat. Such fun!! I will post that picture soon. Not quite finished.
Have a wonderful week!

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