Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two More Paintings

Just finished these two. Forgot to take a picture of the rooster before I framed it, but it's framed with museum glass which has no you can still see it pretty well.  What should I name it?  "I'm outta here!"  or "Don't look back?"

The other one is portrait for Christmas.

I hope to see you all at the Sonterra Holiday Bazaar Nov. 13!  It's open to all so come on by.
This Sat. is Trinity which is mostly for alumni and family/friends.      Have a wonderful week! Can't beat this weather in San Antonio!


thewillowsnest said...

Hey there Cathy.. I think .....'I'm outta here.'. your lovely chicken is leaning forward like ready to run.. I love it!! I've just had a quick browse through your lovely work. I found you through your reply to Eva, I usually do the Legacy market ( with my art) But will be flying to New zealand this saturday for a month.. nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy. Im Maysies daughter. I love the picture of Lexi that you painted. It is so good!! I hope you dont mind i gave your info out to a few people after they saw it! Thank you so much!

Sarah Schuchart