Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two More Paintings for Upcoming Shows

I wasn't happy with the last sunset so I tried it again. This one was done on watercolor paper with an acrylic wash and then painted over with pastel.  I think I am happier with this "Texas Sunset". 
 The second painting is titled "Top of the Morning to You".  It is pastel on sanded paper.  A little impressionistic in the background.  I think I am happy wtih this one too.  Love the colors!
I will probably frame them both and have them for the two shows that I talk about in my previous blog.

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KKN said...

Love the new work! Your images are translating well to the necklaces you ordered; just one more way for people to be able to enjoy your beautiful work!
Kathy Nemati
Techitoes Design